A Brand New Page for JAAGRAVII!

A Brand New Page for JAAGRAVII!
1 September 2014 jaagravii
In The Look

Inspired by space, the future, and the alternate universes, the jewelry brand Jaagravii meets its beloved customers with a fresh new face. Cherishing the “this is the beginning of the future” motto, Jaagravii combines the natural and maximalist look with futuristic materials such as brass and silver.

With its wide range of designs, Jaagravii is a perfect fit for people who feels young on the inside! With its respect for traditional artistry, Jaagravii aims to prevent the early loss of your jewels. Defined as the space age of family heirlooms, these edgy and over-the-top designs are handcrafted in Istanbul with the expertise of grand craftsmanship.

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