The Beginning of Everything

The Beginning of Everything
1 September 2014 jaagravii
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In the beginning everything was a void within a void. However the only living and moving thing was a big ball of energy which contained lage amount of positive and negative energy. One day, the most balanced thing exploded with a loudest scream. In the end, from this blast, Earth and Water was born. They achieved a soul because of the negative and positive energy they carry on their shoulders.
As the years go by, Earth and Water fell in love in the purest way possible. From their true love, two siblings, Fire and Air came to existence. Since their parents carry positive and negative energy, they also carry the negative as well as the positive. A big Fire was able to surpress the Air. Also, a strong wind was capable of wiping the fire from the existence. This delicate balance is the essence of creation and the bases of the evil and the good. This is the reason why flowers exist, as well as their thorns. Because they are such bonded siblings, they cannot be imagined seperately.
Universe exists thanks to the pure love itself. This love is so big, its magical and mysterious powers caused a greater versions of good and evil. This unsolved mystery called: Alternate universe of endless possible selves!
Stay tuned to explore and solve the unsolvable!

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