The Magical Secrets of Labradorite Stone

The Magical Secrets of Labradorite Stone
13 October 2022 Zeynep
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Named after the area where it was discovered, Labradorite is one of the most glamorous natural stones in the world. With its vibrant color, this magical stone has always been the center of attention. The benefits of this incredible stone have also been at the center of numerous myths because of its positive healing powers. In ancient cultures, it was used in several areas of expertise. That is why it was called Firestone.

Spiritual Awakening at Its Best!

Labradorite Stone’s main secret is the gift of psychic abilities. It is a common belief that this stone can give a spiritual sense to its owner. So, it is no wonder the shamans used it as a magic stone in ancient times. It is widely known that shamans took astral journeys by using Labradorite.

Beyond the era that the shamans lived, this supernatural stone was used by the people of Atlantis. They used its magic for developing their emotional senses. Called “the Star Temple” in many other ancient civilizations, it was a common belief that this stone carries the energy of the universe and the stars. One can travel through unknown spiritual lands and see beyond the visible with its powers. The belief in this stone was so powerful that, the people used it as the foundation of their homes. They used to bury Labradorites under the foundation of their homes to bring joy, happiness, and bliss to their lives.

It is No Ordinary Stone

Besides establishing a good mood and enabling psychic abilities, Labradorite’s energy makes you feel strong by eliminating all negative feelings like anxiety and constant fear. Labradorite cleans your aura and maintains it by levitating the senses in your mind. Its magic also helps to rekindle the romance with your significant other. Having sleep-regulating magic, this magnificent stone brings you the best of luck and bliss!

Body and Soul

Labradorite is not only good for your mind and soul. It has plenty of benefits for your body. It balances your blood pressure and is beneficial for diseases caused by calcium deficiency. Keeping you from intense cold, this stone improves night vision. Labradorite is like your personal doctor! It protects your immune system and regulates your metabolism. Also, by protecting your heart from multiple diseases, this surreal stone brings stability to your hormones.

Be Careful with Labradorite!

To get all the benefits of this magical product of the universe, you must clean it after every use. Because its strong magic is like a sponge, and it takes every inside and outside energy. Labradorite may cause mild nausea and headache depending on the frequency of usage. Don’t forget that it is your spiritual stone. Do not let anyone touch it. Because it attracts other forms of energy.

May all the best senses be with you!

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