Fragile Shine of Silver

Fragile Shine of Silver
7 September 2023 Zeynep
In Genel

Silver is perhaps the brightest yet the most electric, one of the most precious parts of the 11th group of elements. With its bright, soft, and flexible structure, this metal is one of the most famous jewelry materials ever. It was seen that Egyptians, Chinese, and Persians used silver very frequently. Its usage dates to 3100 BC. On top of that, there were silver mines in Athens, Greece. In 800 BC, silver was used for producing coins and it was shaped by the Romans as a metal. In ancient times, alchemists used the shape of the moon to describe the element silver. Unsurprisingly, silver was used by some of the most famous ancient civilizations because Mother Earth produces more than gold!

In our times, we use silver to stay healthy and reflect our unique energy. We use silver to produce our most basic material needs. For example, silver is the material of our forks and spoons and the medical products that doctors use. With this wide range of benefits, silver is also good for your physical health. That is why silver was the first antibiotic substance in the world! While protecting you from radioactivity, this magical element becomes your shining armor, it protects you from stress!

Be careful with it though! If you want it in its best shape, use it with other precious stones like labradorite and moonstone. This will keep you from getting various viral illnesses and several bruises.

Don’t wait to become the shiniest and healthy version of yourself. Don’t forget, you are as unique as silver!

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