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  • Sep072023

    Fragile Shine of Silver

    Silver is perhaps the brightest yet the most electric, one of the most precious parts of the 11th group of elements. With its bright, soft, and…

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  • Jun122023

    New Collection from Jaagravii!

    As the Jaagravii family we can’t wait to welcome our new collection. This is going to be the ultimate collection that reflects our view of the…

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  • Oct132022

    The Magical Secrets of Labradorite Stone

    Named after the area where it was discovered, Labradorite is one of the most glamorous natural stones in the world. With its vibrant color, this magical stone has always been the center of attention. The benefits of this incredible stone have also been at the center of numerous myths because of its positive healing powers. In ancient cultures, it was used in several areas of expertise. That is why it was called Firestone.

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  • Sep012014

    A Brand New Page for JAAGRAVII!

    Inspired by space, the future, and the alternate universes, the jewelry brand Jaagravii meets its beloved customers with a fresh new face. Cherishing the “this is the beginning of the future” motto, Jaagravii combines the natural and maximalist look with protecting the original colors of designs materials such as brass and silver.

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  • Sep012014

    The Beginning of Everything

    In the beginning everything was a void within a void. However the only living and moving thing was a big ball of energy which contained lage…

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  • Mar272014

    JAAGRAVII is Now at The Bodrum Edition Hotel!

    With its wide range of designs, Jaagravii’s over-the-top jewels are now available at The Edition Hotel Bodrum and Gaia by the Sea Alaçatı! You can visit, try on and shop the space age of jewelry!

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